The Vest Carrier Bag for Life


The first vest-carrier style bag for life in the UK

Global introduced the very first vest-carrier style Bag for Life and it has become one of our best sellers. This extra-large reusable bag does the same job as a traditional flexi-loop handle design, but it is cheaper, more efficient to make and it contains less plastic. With our Oceanex option, up to 25% of the bag can contain renewable material from a sustainable source.

  • Carries twice the shopping of a regular supermarket carrier
  • The best shape bag to carry heavy bottles, cans and boxes.
  • Minimises the circulation of single-use bags.
  • Is paid-for and reusable, so unlikely to become litter.
  • Can be returned for a free replacement when worn out
  • Can be sold at a low or cost-neutral price point.
  • Exempt from the English Bag Levy
  • Shoppers love it!

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