Paper Mailing Bags

Paper Mailing Bags made from responsibly sourced paper

These paper mailing bags from an FSC certified producer are strong, recyclable and available in a wide range of sizes (see details below). Advancements in paper technology means that paper mailers can be a valid alternative to conventional plastic mailing bags. The supplier of this range is FSC certified and the bags are strong and durable. They can be printed in up to 6 spot colours and this can include 100% ink coverage if required. You can choose from single or 2-ply construction with the option of single or double self-seal strips. A ‘rip and zip’ closure can also be specified.

  • Wide variety of standard sizes
  • 1 or 2-ply construction
  • Optional rip and zip closure
  • Single self-seal strip or or double strips for product returns
  • Can be printed in up to 6 spot colours
  • 80mm overall bottom gusset

Standard Sizes

280 x 370 mm
300 x 370 mm
340 x 420 mm
380 x 480 mm
380 x 600 mm
400 x 480 mm
480 x 420 mm
480 x 500 mm
500 x 520 mm
530 x 800 mm
550 x 800 mm
600 x 800 mm

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