The Flat Pocket Bag


An ultra-light and compact reusable bag

Global’s Flat Pocket Bags are ultra-light reusable bags that easily slips into a jacket pocket or small handbag. When unfolded they are as capacious as a supermarket carrier. The bags are made from rPET* which is a polyester yarn derived from recycled PET products. Each bag contains roughly the same amount of rPET generated by the recycling of two plastic drinks bottles.

  • Can be printed in up to 5 spot colours.
  • Wide range of material colours.
  • Packed 200s in cardboard cartons.
  • Integral hook for clip-strips.
  • Option to Pantone match the material colour.
  • Option to Poly-sleeve in 20s/40s etc.
  • Barcoded tags available.
  • * Virgin PET (Polyester) option available. Ask for details.

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