Plastic Food Waste Caddy-Liners

A low-cost solution for councils that feed an AD plant with food waste

Specially designed for Councils that allow plastic bags and other non-compostable containers to be used for food waste. These low-cost PE liners can help to improve participation rates in food waste programmes where the waste is sent to an AD plant and ‘de-bagged’ prior to processing.

With our Oceanex option, up to 10% of these bags can contain an award winning bio-renewable material from a sustainable source. Depending on the thickness of the material, Oceanex can be combined with up to 80% recycled plastic so these liners can in some cases be made entirely from renewable and recycled materials.

  • Very low cost
  • Generic brand, or bespoke print
  • Flat-packed or supplied on rolls.
  • Rolls can be sleeved
  • Safeguard to prevent cross-borough contamination

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