Carrier Bag Dispensers


Carrier bag dispensers. Keep tills neat and tidy and speed up throughput.

Global’s Pick-n-Pack carrier bag dispensers are the key to checkout efficiency. They’re ideal for busy retail environments like supermarkets, pharmacies, garden centres and petrol stations. The units are built to last and are made from durable powder-coated steel with rounded edges. The dispensers are easy to load with a stack of bags, they keep the till area clean and tidy and they remove the problem of stray bags falling from cardboard boxes and littering the floor.

Pik-n-Pack dispensers are available for large and small carrier bags, plus we also offer a dual-bag unit that dispenses both sizes of bag. With the aid of mounting brackets they can be fitted to virtually every till layout. The dispensers come ready to use with conventional bar-block headed bags and they can be used with Global’s patented pin-block headed carriers.

Pin-block headed bags replace the traditional bar-block with perforated tabs on the bag handles. These holes in these tabs fit the pins in our Pik-n-Pack dispensers. This not only offers the benefit of using less plastic to make the bags, but unlike bar-block headed bags the stack of bags can be topped up at any time.

To find out if our Pik-n-Pack dispensers would meet your bag dispensing requirements, contact us today.

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